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Expeditor - Hot Shot Trucks

Expeditor - Hot Shot Trucks
By Marilee McCormack

Expeditor or hot shot trucks are typically those used for delivering freight which is time sensitive. Hot shot freight is also often referred to as red-hot or shut-down cargo. There are many industries that use these services and the products that are typically transported range considerably in both size and structure. Hauling this way can be a very demanding job. There are typically no breaks between the pick-up and delivery of the load. Hot shot driving is typically of an emergency nature and does not conform to regular scheduling.

Expeditor-hot shot trucks are very readily available if you are searching for this type of work. These trucks are normally driven by owner/operators and are often leased by carriers. The drivers and/or owners are considered by the IRS to be independent contractors who operate their own business and simply lease their equipment to the expediting company. Some examples of the freight carried include automotive plant shipments which eliminate the need to inventory production parts, medical equipment delivered on an emergency basis and other cargo that is time-sensitive or otherwise considered critical.

The difference between expeditor-hot shot trucks and typical trucks is that conventional trucking normally involves scheduled shipments that are delivered on a regular basis. These deliveries often contain multiple stops and the freight is not considered to be time-critical. Expediting can range in size from one envelope to a complete trailer full of parts. Of course larger trucks will be used for hauling larger items and a wide selection of expeditor-hot shot trucks can be found online within many website listings.

If you are planning to get into the hot shot business, you should consider purchasing a used truck. Used expeditor-hot shot trucks can be found plentifully and can typically save you thousands of dollars over purchasing them new. Used trucks can be very efficient and cost-worthy as long as you know how and where to purchase them. It is recommended that you spend just a little time researching the many manufacturers and models before you begin an actual purchase. Once you have all the information about the used vehicle that you need, you can make an informed decision about whether or not this truck is right for you. Information that you should strive to collect includes price, condition, year/make/model, contact information for the seller and any other information that will help you to decide on your purchase.

Marilee McCormack is the managing editor for which specializes in Trucks Sales. In addition to editing, Trucking SEO and Website Marketing Services are offered.

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truck driver jobs
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